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Nicknamed as America’s favourite city- San Diego, one of the most important cities of California is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This city is a climatic delight with its mild climate year around. San Diego which is stationed in southern California has a strategic positioning as it is adjacent to the Mexican border. This city has a vast expansion which becomes evident from its ranking as the eighth largest city in U.S.A and California’s second –largest city. With beautiful and masterfully crafted skyline and extensive beaches this city stands in perfect harmony between the modern expansions and nature. So a paradise for nature lovers and city freaks alike, this city has something in store for everyone.

This city has a great historic lineage too, it was the first place on the West Coast of the Unites States where the Europeans had set their foot. After being proclaimed as the part of Spain in the year 1542, it became a part of Mexico in 1821 and finally in 1850 it became the part of United States after the Mexican-American War. So San-Diego has a rich cultural heritage assimilated over years from the variety of successions it had. Apart from a historical relevance, this city also has an enthralling geographic expanse. Since the city lies on a 200 deep canyons and its mesas are separated by hills, it is categorized as a hilly region. The northern and southern parts of the city are well de-marketed by the San Diego River which runs across San Diego from east to west. With a suitable demography and abundance of water supply this city has beautiful and abundant parks giving the city a clean and green feel. The city is a host to a number of mountain ranges which give it immense natural beauty and is a hikers dream come true.

The city due to its geographic and topographic location enjoys a mild climate around the year. With mild winters and dry, warm summers this place is a great attraction for tourists around the world. Due to its proximity to ocean and its mild climatic condition, San-Diego has become the habitat for many endangered species of plants and animals. The fauna and bird species find it a preferable place to be is evident from the fact that it is the known as the “birdiest” place in the United States of America.

The feats of this city of California do not end here, San-Diego has the largest naval fleet in the world and hence a host of employment and business activities in this city are related to military activities and equipment’s. Due to beautiful location and abundance of beaches and parks this city attracts a lot of tourists around the year. The business opportunities get a boost in San-Diego as the U.S government has classified this area as a free trade zone, furthermore the border positioning gives this city abundance of international exposure.

The city’s governance is undertaken by a 9-member city council headed by a mayor, the government is called the strong mayor government. The effectiveness of the governance is evident from the fact that the city’s crime rate declined significantly from 1990 to 2000. The city was even ranked as the 20th safest city in America. Also numbers of guns owned and bought is decreasing year by year, but gun accessories like ar 15 holographic sights are becoming increasingly popular by the citizen who already own a firearm.

The city has a well-knit education network with a number of public, private schools and universities available for students. The city is technologically advanced and this fact can be well justified as San-Diego became the first city in the U.S to have cyber-controlled street lighting. Thus an overview of this city reveals its advancements in fields of technology and infrastructural development, giving this naturally gifted city a great edge in fields of tourism and stress free work environment.


POPULATION: The population of San-Diego stands at 1,381,069 as of July2014 which is covering a land area of 372.1 square miles. The average rate of population growth has been 9% over the period ranging from 2000. The population make up includes majority of whites followed by Asians and African Americans. This city has shown a big rise in homeless population over the years and this has been one area concerning the administration. The population’s religious beliefs are as diverse as the population make up, with 68% population following Christianity, 32% following Roman Catholic beliefs and even Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism having notable following.

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POINTS OF INTEREST: San-Diego with its mild climatic conditions and rich flora and fauna has a sprawling tourism industry. Its geographic location and topography makes it the favourite tourist spot. Some of the major attractions of San-Diego include: Belmont amusement park, Balboa Park, SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo and Safari. Apart from these attractions the local brewing industry attracts tourists and has made San-Diego famous for its beer tours. As San-Diego is located on the pacific coast line the shipping and cruise industry has developed here in great numbers, making this cities cruise ship industry second largest in California. Lots and lots of cruises facilitating local sightseeing are made available for tourists, where the tourists can enjoy whale watching. Water sports and sport fishing are also interesting tourist attractions.

Apart from adventure and scenic beauty San-Diego has a lot to offer to history lovers in form of museums such as- San Diego Museum of Art, History Museum and the fleet of historic ships exhibited at the San-Diego Maritime Museum. For those who have an ear for music San-Diego offers San Diego Symphony, San Diego Opera and the musicals of Old Globe Theatre.


ECONOMY: In San-Diego the economic activities are majorly concentrated around research/manufacturing, tourism, defense/military and international trade. Since this city is located on the bordering area with Mexico and has a large shipping industry international trade is a great revenue earner, apart from this defence also is a major employment generating avenue, together with tourism.

Thus we can see the city of San-Diego with its beautiful demographic, topographical location, rich history and a strong economic set-up is a city which holds a lot of promises in form of growth and prosperity and also providing to the tourists a perfect coherence between technology and nature.